Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free Password Hacking Software

If you’re looking for some free password hacking software then you’re in luck. This blog is dedicated to spreading different password hacking software to interested hackers. Keep in mind, this software is really only meant to change the passwords of accounts to which you own or have the rights to access. If it’s your friends and they are okay with it or you need to access your child’s account, then it’s okay. If you use it for the purpose of changing passwords to account that you are not supposed to be on then you are responsible for your own actions.

This free hacking software is fairly simple to use. The majority of the software is actually from the same creator it seems. They have a very similar layout and size. For the majority of them you simply enter in the email address, profile id, gamertag, or account name, and then you pick your new password before it connects to the database in order to change the password for you. You should read the post for each different password hacking software because it might vary slightly. Here are the different programs we have compiled thus far. If the one you are interested in isn’t here feel free to comment requesting it and we’ll find one for you.

The list will continue to grow as we find more. If you have any issues getting any of these to work comment on the post about the program and we’ll try to help you fix the issue. Remember to use this free password hacking software responsibly.


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